Put some respect on Ray J’s name because the R&B singer is quickly becoming a tech giant. In just 12 months, Ray J’s consumer-electronics company Raycon just hit $10 million in sales. The crossover for music artists as they become retailers or business moguls doesn’t always end with such successful numbers. However, Ray J’s has sold smartwatches and scooters before hitting the jackpot with his Raycon wireless headphones.

In an interview with Grit Daily, Ray J chats about hitting the eight-figure mark. “It feels amazing and we’re so proud of how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time,” he said. “I knew that the company would do well because I believe so much in the products but, I have to say that the success has been overwhelming so far. We have a great team assembled and we get things done. Our customers are happy so we’re happy.”

This is just the beginning of Ray J’s tech empire, but he isn’t dishing the details of what he’s cooking up next. “The best is still to come because we have been keeping new products under wraps for a long time,” Ray J said. “It’ll be a surprise, but it’s all mainly under the umbrella of wireless audio because that’s what has been working so well for us now. At some point in the future we may look at expanding beyond this category, but for now, we just want to continue building on the momentum that we have in this area.”

Congrats to Ray J on the accomplishment!