R. Kelly was arrested and thrown into jail last week after he failed to pay his ex-wife Drea Kelly over $160,000 in child support. While he was behind bars, he managed to pull together the money to finally give to his ex-wife resulting in his release. TMZ now reports that R. Kelly didn’t pay Drea in the first place as a way to get back at her for supposedly putting their kids against him.

A source close to Kelly tells the publication that the singer apparently tried to stay in contact with his offspring, but Drea “brainwashed” them.

R. Kelly made his first television interview last week and chatted with Gayle King where he became, loud, emotional and defensive when discussing all the allegations against him. “How am I supposed to pay child support if my ex-wife is destroying my name and I can’t work,” Kelly yelled to the camera crew. “If I can’t work, how can I get paid to take care of my kids.”

Gayle later discussed the interview and explained how she wasn’t afraid during Kelly’s dramatic outburst. “We’ve seen him storm out of interviews before, so I thought he was going to do that. I was thinking, I’m not done with my questionsWhat can I do to save this interview?” Gayle explained.“I decided that if I sat there quietly, make eye contact with him, he would know I’m not going anywhere, that I’m just waiting for him to finish whatever this is.”