R Kelly reportedly goes broke after paying his former landlord debt

NEWSCASTARS.COM have learnt that US singer, R Kelly is left with negative $13 account balance after over $150,000 was seized from him to settle a debt with his former landlord.

The sum of $154,527.22 was cleared out of the singer’s accounts l with Bank of America to reimburse Kelly’s Chicago landlord for back rent after the property owner won a $173,000 settlement against him.

After the sum was deducted, $650 was left  in the account, according to reports in The Blast.

It was discovered that R Kelly now has on $13 dollars left as reported by Wintrust Bank when the landlord tried to recoup the nearly $20,000 he still owed him.

Kelly’s former landlord is asking Sony, Kelly’s recording label, to settle the debt. Lawyers representing the landlord have asked the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher to relinquish funds earmarked for Kelly. However, the songwriters organization claims they don’t owe the singer.

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