R. Kelly Given The Runaround: Dubai Government Denies “Concert Plans”

R. Kelly eventually backed down from his request to perform a series of concert in Dubai, but as it turns the government of the United Arab Emirates is suggesting no such plans were ever in place. For what it’s worth, R. Kelly and his attorney Steven Greenberg did inform the media of a loose itinerary that would have seen the singer fulfill an obligation of three to five shows.

There’s no reason to believe either side of this debate, it that is effectively what’s unfolding before our eyes, between Kelly and the sheikhdom’s ruling Al Maktoum family. A denial from a ruling party of this stature does limit Kelly and his reps from seeking a similar arrangement elsewhere.

“Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked,” read a statement issued by Dubai’s official media department.

Soon after the sheikhdom’s issued its statement, the mass media consortium on America soil fought hard for comprehensive coverage, but unfortunately, the usually gregarious Greenberg and his cohorts were M.I.A when it counted most. Nonetheless, there is a remote possibility the Dubai consulate is lying, after having undergone a change of heart. Whether Kelly is successful in seeking alternate means, those concerts won’t be hosted anywhere close to the Persian Gulf, that much is certain.

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