The R. Kelly story keeps on getting more and more farfetched. With each new day comes some insane new details about the singer and his sexual abuse case. Lisa Van Allen has been speaking with DJ Vlad about her experiences living with R. Kelly, speaking about when she stole a sex tape from his collection and claiming that he slept with Aaliyah’s mother while his protégé was sleeping in the next room. Now, Van Allen is dropping another bomb by implying that she’s unsure about R. Kelly’s sexual orientation.

In the past, she has said that while she doesn’t know if R. Kelly has ever been sexual with young boys, he does enjoy penetration. She went into graphic detail, explaining what happened during their sessions in the bedroom. “I know he likes dildos, I know he likes fingers in the butt with him on all fours,” recalled Lisa Van Allen. “You going in and he’s throwing it back at you. I know that’s a little graphic, but that’s what he does.”

Vlad goes on to mention Dominique Gardner, who has described herself as the “tomboy” among R. Kelly’s sexual partners. Van Allen then questions the singer’s sexual interest in young boys, saying that it wouldn’t be “farfetched” since he enjoys anal penetration.

The multi-part interview has been published over the last couple of days with each new instalment offering wild new information about R. Kelly. Of course, all of it is alleged. Read Dominique Gardner’s recent comments about R. Kelly here and watch the video in question below.