Protest as court says alleged rape victim too ugly to be raped

An alleged rape victim in Italy was denied justice after an appeal court ruled that she was too ugly to have been raped as she claims which sparked outrage outside the Ancona court on Monday.

The mob shouted ‘”Shame!’” as they protested the appeals sentence. The sentence was handed down in 2017 by an all-female panel but the reasons behind the sentence only emerged publicly when Italy’s high court annulled it on March 5 and ordered a retrial.

The Court of Cassation said Wednesday its own reasons for ordering the retrial will be issued next month. Italy’s Justice Ministry has ordered a preliminary inquiry into the appeal court’s ruling that overturned a rape verdict in part by arguing that the woman who was attacked was too ugly to be a credible rape victim.

Cinzia Molinaro, a lawyer for the victim, that the woman, who has since returned to Peru, had suffered such genital trauma in the rape that she required stitches.

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