Pretty Arewa Lady lady under attack because she said “If You Suck Your Wife’s Breast Under The Fan Its Called Fan-Milk”

A very pretty Arewa lady is currently under heavy slamming by Twitter users after she posted that if you suckle your wife’s blossom under the fan it is known as fan milk, defending her tweet in reaction to the outrage and backlash she received, she iterated that she made mention of wife and not a girlfriend in the instance being given.

The tweet has come as a surprise to many due to the fact that Arewa girls are known to be very conservative due to their strict religious policies, many imams and religious heads have also taken to the comment section on her Twitter platform to pray Allah forgives and have mercy on her. From her tweet and profile, you could tell she is not your regular Arewa girl due to her very social and jovial nature as exhibited on Twitter profile.

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