Presidential elections: I see bomb blasts, coup – Primate Ayodele issues fresh prophecies

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Sunday, has issued fresh prophecies for some African countries, including Somalia, Libya, Angola, Sudan, South Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

The clergyman’s media aide, Osho Oluwatosin said, he gave spiritual warnings to these African countries.

Starting with South Sudan, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees another coup in Africa if the country’s government doesn’t take the right step now.

He made it known that a new rebel group sponsored by the country’s enemies are warming up to destabilize the smooth transition to democracy in the country.

“If the government doesn’t take the right step now, another coup is coming up in Africa because a new rebel sponsored by enemies of the country are warming up to destabilize the smooth transition of the country to democracy.

“This will cause the government a lot and there is a need to put the economy in order. Let the government work on ethnicity crisis, movement of immigrants, fight the new rebels with other rebels, they will lose at the end of the day.

“South Sudan needs divine intervention in order to end the long time war and crisis. Meanwhile, the president and government officials must be very careful of bomb blasts. They should also pray so a prominent person will not die in the administration. There will also be troubles in reviewing the constitution in South Sudan,” he said.

In Somalia, Primate Ayodele said he foresees an attack on the government house and that the coming election will cause rancour and instability in the country.

“There will be a serious crisis that will involve an attempt to attack the government house. In the coming election, the opposition will kick against whoever wins and this will cause rancor and instability in the country. Let them pray against a massive protest,” he said.

For Sudan, Primate Ayodele revealed that there will be a change of government which will ‘shock’ the present administration.

“There will be a change of government in the country which will shock the present administration. They should work on so many contended issues. The government should also fulfil the agreement with the rebels otherwise there will be instability in the country,” he prophesied.

In Angola, the man of God noted that the present government will still retain the seat of power.

“The present government in Angola will still retain the seat of power. They must pray against crisis,” he revealed.

In Libya, Primate Ayodele prophesied that Gadaffi’s son, Saadi, would win the election without the international community’s interference.

“Without the interference of the international community, Saadi Gadaffi will win the coming election, they will plot against the prime minister of the country. Let them pacify each other to avoid another war in Libya,” he said.

Speaking on the coming election in Kenya, Primate Ayodele said the deputy president of the country, William Ruto is not playing his politics well and that except he strategizes well, Raila Odinga will win the election. He advised him to choose Musala Mudavadi as his running mate if he wants to win the election.

“If William Ruto doesn’t re-strategize, Raila Odinga will become the next president of Kenya. Ruto needs to play his politics very well. Let us pray against bomb explosion in Kenya. If Ruto wants to win, he should pick Mudavadi as his running mate,” he said.

In Sierra Leone, Ayodele prophesied a second term for the president if he works well.

“The president has done so well but they will fight him for his second term though God has promised to give him a second term if he works his strategy well. He will win but let them pray against calamity, disaster in the country. The government will fight corruption seriously,” he stated.


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