Police Videoed Collecting Bribe From Man Driving Stolen Vehicle

An investigative journalist identified as Fisayo Soyombo has exposed a Nigeria Police Force named Gambo who was videoed when obtaining bribe from the undercover journalist who investigating corruption among security operatives.

The journalist claimed to have a stolen vehicle from Abuja, to Lagos, and not only did he arrive Lagos safely with the car, he returned to Abuja scot-free with it despite passing through a whopping 86 checkpoints in a journey of over 1,600km that lasted a cumulative 28hours 17minutes.

He shared a video of one police officer who said his name was Gambo as he collected N20,000 from him and even gave him tactics to pass other check points. and explained that the total money spent throughout this journey was N46,000.

Watch the video below:


  1. First and foremost, Gambi sjould be given the booth i.e fired. There are plethora of police officer as such. Worst still, he even gave him clue or hint on how to manoeuvre other checkpoint.

    Well done, Mr Fisayo Soyombo for going through this excruciating experience.

  2. Police officers have continued the culture of extortion at checkpoints despite decades of condemnation by the Nigerian public and foreign think-tanks.
    Oftentimes, they compromise their official duty by taking arbitrary ‘fines’ from motorists whose vehicle licence or insurance papers are outdated or missing. IGP need to take necessary action on this video to serve as lesson for others.

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