Police Trust Fund should be restructured – Governor Okorocha

– Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has advocated the restructuring of the Police Trust Fund (PTF) in such a way that good-spirited individuals can also make contributions to the Fund to enable it achieve the purpose for which it was established in the first place.

– The governor made the call when the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, visited him at the Government House Owerri, at the weekend, added that Nigerians have every reason to celebrate the policemen across the country who have done well despite the limited resources available to them.

He remarked: “The Police Trust Fund (PTF) should be encouraged. Constitutionally, Police personnel are not allowed to donate money or collect money from individuals, but there could be a way to restructure PTF so that good-spirited individuals can also support, because the police is underfunded by every classification or category of human understanding. This is why we have decided in the Governors’ Forum that there is need to support the Nigeria Police”.

According to him, “More often than not, when Nigerians see Policemen they feel that they are not doing anything arguing but just give yourself one day without police, then you will know how important the police force is.”

He noted that in America for instance, the ratio is about 45 to 50 people to one policeman, while in Nigeria, it is one policeman to 750 people.”

He continued: “We know what the Police is going through and most of us in this position share in the sympathy of the Police and we should encourage the Police to keep doing their best. The Nigerian Police has done well in spite of the limited resources available to them.”

The governor noted that “Nigerians are quick at judging their leaders for what have not been done, but do not praise them for what they have done” even as he enjoined Nigerians who understand the situation to congratulate the police and other security agencies.

Okorocha noted that insecurity is a global challenge and explained that “Imo State is relatively crime-free because there is no society of mankind, not even in the most secured cities of the world where there is no crime,” adding that, “therefore we must agree that insecurity is a global challenge.”

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