Police arrest suspected kidnapper who uses eggs and biscuit to lure children in Enugu

The Rapid Response Squad in Enugu state have arrested a suspected child trafficker, Ekene Duru, and his accomplice have been for stealing two children in Abia state and trafficking them to Port Harcourt, Rivers state to a certain woman who sells them off to couples who are yet to welcome their own children.

While being interrogated, Ekene said;

My name is Ekene Duru and I sell children. I steal children and deliver to people. I steal children of about 2 years old and sell them off to a woman who stays in Port Harcourt.

I steal the children from Umuochala, Ariaria junction in Aba, Abia state. ”

On how gets the children to follow him, Ekene said

I buy them biscuit or egg. After I steal them I will enter a motorcycle or tricycle. Nobody stops to ask me who owns the child and the child too will not cry when I carry them.

Ekene said he has only stolen two children so far and has sold them both. He said he sold one of the stolen child for N200, 000 and another for N100, 000.

His accomplice, Chinonso Sylvanus, said;

This man here is my Oga, He is the one that asked me to go and steal this child. I stole the child from his mother’s shop where she makes hair. I entered there and stole the child. People saw me when I entered and carried the child. The mother knows me.

I stole the boy and carried him to my Oga who gave me N50, 000. I used the money to run to Owerri . It was my Oga that told me to run to Owerri or Port Harcourt”

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