Physicians warns women against inserting tobacco powder into vagina

Medical experts have warned women against applying tobacco powder to their genitals saying such won’t boosts sexual pleasure or helps their fertility as there is no scientific proof for either.

Rather, experts warn that tobacco powder has the potential to cause cancer, difficulties during delivery, and it is capable of affecting the normal flow of menstruation.

A researcher and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, Dr. Gregory Ohihoin, said this saying tobacco has a lot of side effects and its use should be discouraged among women.

“It is not healthy for women to apply tobacco powder to the genitals. Tobacco is associated with cancer in many parts of the body, so, it’s not safe.

“Tobacco has a lot of side effects and it is not healthy for women to add it to their genitals; it should be discouraged.

“Tobacco is associated with gut cancer and over 75 percent of the cancers of the body and that is why tobacco is highly discouraged,” Ohihoin said.

He further said that, tobacco is dangerous for human consumption or use, whether it is in the form of cigarettes, snuff, or powder.

“There is nothing good in tobacco; the evidence is well-documented. Some people have the tendency to be addicted to it and in whatever form you make it, it’s a very dangerous substance and it is associated with cancer in many different parts of the body.

“It doesn’t improve fertility, there is no good thing associated with tobacco.

“Tobacco is a dangerous substance and is carcinogenic and its use must be discouraged,” Ohihoin reiterated.


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