Pere not genuine, I can’t date him outside BBNaija — Maria

Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Maria Chike, says though she considered another contestant, Pere, as a friend in the house but she would not have anything to do with him outside the show because he was not genuine towards her.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt that she made the statement while speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, “For people who actually watched the show, (they would know that) Pere was the one insisting to be around me. He was always in my space, so if it was a strategy, I would have been the one going to him. You would never see a clip where I was the one constantly trying to be around him. So many times, I told him I had a boyfriend outside the house. I actually went into the show single and it was because of Pere, I said I had a boyfriend because I needed him to understand that we were only going to be friends. I enjoyed our friendship and I loved the attention he gave me.

“However, BBN is over to me. I don’t have to clarify anything with Pere anymore because we already had that conversation in the house. I don’t want to indulge my name and Pere’s name ever in my life. He said different things I didn’t know about. He told some of the guys that I was a no-go-area and that he would look for someone else to have sex with because he knew I won’t yield. That’s not friendship. His motive was to have sex with me but I told him that would never happen. He was someone I could always confide in but he clearly wanted more. When I came out, I saw some video clips of what he said, not just the rumours going round. He even said I was a psycho. Why would I want to continue to be his friend?”

She added, “There was no way the camera would not have shown what happened because they are always on us. It’s true the TV doesn’t show everything because they choose certain clips but I assure you, there is no camera that would have caught Pere and I being intimate. Whatever claims he is pushing out there, have nothing to do with me. I would like to clarify that and get my name out of that narrative.”

Maria also maintained that Queen, who she never got along with, was the one who always attacked her. She said, “I cannot really talk much because there is nothing there. Queen attacked me on the two occasions we had altercations. There was never anywhere I went to her to start a fight. When I’m at fault, I take ownership of my fault. I said things about people that were not true. If those people find those things offensive, I’m truly sorry. But in the case of Queen, she came with a strategy. She already knew what was going on in the house. She came for me as a strategy in the house. I don’t want to associate my name with her because we are two different individuals. I think everyone should just let me be in peace.

Though some viewers felt she stated that she was attracted to Cross sexually, Maria disagreed. She said, “I did not find Cross sexually attractive. I said he was a very attractive guy. I never had anything to do with him. We were like siblings. When one admires another person, it doesn’t mean one likes them in a sexual way.”

Maria also stated that she was rooting for Liqourose and that if she didn’t make it to the top five, she would support Whitemoney.

The former air hostess also stated that though she often spoke with different accents in the house, she was not being fake. She added, “I am half-Nigerian and half-British. I speak Igbo, ‘Nigerian English’ and pidgin. I speak the way I want to. Whose problem is it how I speak? I love how I speak. If anybody didn’t, they had the option of turning off their TV sets.”

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