“People talk too much” – AY Makun speaks on underrating Olamide before rapper became famous

Nigerian comedian and actor, AY Makun has responded to Toni Payne’s reports of him berating music star, Olamide at the begining of his music career.

Toni Payne that was Olamide’s manager at that time, took to her IG stories to talk about this, proclaiming that the rapper was still an upcoming artiste then causing AY Comedian to turn down the request to have him perform at his show. Things transformed for Olamide one year later.

The Warri born actor took to his Instagram page to sarcastically callout out those who talk too much for wanting to sabotage the one love in the industry.

He wrote:

To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy. I was actually going to CALL OUT @ramseynouah, and let the world know how he refused to wake me up some years ago in Atlanta to brush my teeth before shoot. Now that my set of teeths are white, he wants me to smile at him because Merry Men 2 goes on NETFLIX June 5th. But no need to trend. Let me use the time to hit the gym and shake off every idea negativity that pulls us down as one family. UNA TOO LIKE STORY. #loverules

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