People should just be happy for me not bothered if am married to my baby mama — Yomi Fabiyi

Yoruba Actor, Yomi Fabiyi, says rather than question whether or not he is married to the mother of his new child, people should first be happy for him that he is starting a ‘new life’ after his first failed marriage.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt he told Sunday Scoop, “I was in the labour room with the mother of my son from the beginning till she was delivered of our baby boy. Although it was not the first time I would be having a child, it is always a great feeling when one gets a new baby. Before now, I had always heard about the pain women go through during childbirth, and I could only imagine it because I hadn’t witnessed it until now. This time, I shared in the pain of the mother and there is nothing compared to that.”

On whether his previous marriage had been formally dissolved, the controversial actor said, “People always want to know everything about others. They don’t know whether we are married or not. I am a young person, and I am having a second shot at starting a new life. People should just be happy for me. The most important thing is that we now have a child. Those who claim that I was only separated from my ex-wife and not divorced should urge her to file a lawsuit. The issue of my ex-wife is in the past. I understand the position of the law, and I am 100 per cent free to start a new family.”


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