People Are Hypocritical About Sex In Big Brother House – Anto Lecky

Former BBN housemate, Antoinette Lecky, aka Anto, while speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, said people were just being hypocritical about sex in the Big Brother house, saying Nigerians should be more concerned about the nation’s population crisis, rather than sex on the show.

She stated, “Nigeria has a population crisis, and we are not incubating babies in laboratories yet, so it’s happening from sex. That’s the sex we should be talking about, not BBN house sex. People are too hypocritical about housemates having sex. People around the world have sex. It’s a part of life; television or not.”

Sharing her thoughts on the current set of housemates in the ongoing Pepper Dem Gang edition, the damsel who has two marketing degrees, said, “I don’t watch the show all the time but I think the house has a good mix of housemates. I can be honest and say I like the fact that there are more Nigerians from the diaspora like myself. As a former housemate, I’m not concerned about who wins, but how well everyone fares after leaving the house.”

Asked about her current projects, Lecky said, “I am constantly promoting my hair care line which is good for healthy hair growth. I am also growing in my entertainment career with acting, hosting, modelling and influencing gigs. I also put my MBA and honorary PhD to use by consulting for organisations, especially in education and empowerment”



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