Pearl Hart is celebrating 10 Years in the Industry

On-air personality, TV host and producer Pearl Hart is celebrating her last decade in the entertainment industry.

She shared some new photos online while stating that the past decade has been the most challenging yet amazing years of her life.

She says:

Many people don’t know that I have spent a little over 10years on Media Television and I must say, the past decade has been the most Challenging yet Amazing years of my life. Some day I will get the chance to tell you all about it but for now I’ve got photos of Me which I’ll share with you here on IG while I’m on radio @soundcity985fm and working on my “Celebrating 10 years on Television” article to publish tomorrow on the website
Make sure to check it out for a few tips 😉

She adds:

10 years on Television is absolutely Amazing!!! I started back in Uni and stuck to it ever since. I always knew I would be an entertainer and that I had to be Myself in whatever field I chose. TV Personality? Just Perfect👌🏾 By God’s Favour I got the job @soundcityafrica and it has been HARD WORK 💪🏾 and FUN- TAH- STICK! 👍🏾
I have learned so much I feel like a human encyclopedia especially in presenting and people skills 🤓🤝😉
Thanks to you all for keeping it real 💕💕💕💯💯💯
Here’s to Many More Amazing years on Television and Entertainment🎖


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