Video:”Pastor Joshua Iginla is the real cheat,I never cheat on him” Wife,Yemisi Iginla

Pastor Joshua Iginla’s Wife, Yemisi Iginla has now come out to defend herself after her husband told his congregation; they both cheated and have kids out of wedlock. Yemisi denied this, saying the one who has been cheating is the pastor and he is the only one who has a child out of wedlock. She also spoke about how his mistress – Stella, who lives in South Africa has been tormenting her, and even using the ills in her marriage to mock her. Yemisi says she is speaking out because of the status of her child the pastor put out in other to correct this. She also challenged Iginla to run a DNA on their three children as she was sure they all belong to him. Watch the video below…. Nkan be!

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