Pastor berates professional beggars who always ask God to prosper Bobrisky in his works after winning his giveaways

Nigerian journalist, missionary and life coach, Timothy Ofoegbu, has slammed professional beggars who ask God to bless Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky in his works.

Ofoegbu on Sunday, August 8, while reacting to Bobrisky’s latest giveaway to fans. wrote:


I was reading a Facebook post yesterday morning when a post made by BOBRISKY popped up on my newsfeed. I am neither his friend nor his follower. He simply said ‘Drop your account”. I ignored him. But after one hour, I went back to the post to see if people dropped their account details.

Lo and behold, 3000 people had done so with prayers for “God” to bless him and his work. Still this afternoon, the number of people had leap frogged to 30, 000. More prayers for him to prosper in his works were said by some of the internet beggers.

I went through some of the names and was not surprised to see many members of the Ogbanje nation there. I memorized the names of some of them that threatened and cursed me last 2 years when I exposed their mamalawo.

So some people are now perpetual serial professional beggers on the internet? They can collect leftovers from mammywater and Pappywater. From the shrine of Ogbanje to the bedroom of BOBRISKY? Interestingly, they have the audacity to ask God to prosper BOBRISKY in his work? God, over to you.

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