Pastor Adeboye reveals what he told one of his daughters who got married one year after she complained that no man was coming to her

Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A  Adeboye has narrated how one of his daughters who was known for always ‘too serious’, got married one year after cautioning her to smile more often.

Speaking in his church on Sunday, August 29, the clergyman while spoke on the importance of laughter, saying the young lady had come to him to complain that no man had asked her out an he told her that if he was also single, he wouldn’t have come close to her as she was always looking like someone who just had a fight.

The 79-year-old clergyman said immediately she started learning to laugh always, she got married one year later.


”When I became General Overseer, the teachings around then were that as a true Christian you must look too serious, thank God we have learned a little more now. I remember those days in Ebute-Metta, when we were doing Sunday School group by group, I will be going round to make sure things are going properly, I will leave my office determined to be serious and as I am going I will see little children and I can’t resist them, I will laugh and smile, I will get back to the office and say oh God, look at you now, you are supposed to be serious until He showed me that even me your Father I laugh, what a deliverance.


I remember one of my daughters came to me around that period after God delivered me from not having laughter, she said daddy what is the problem, no brother has ever come to me to say how now? I said do you want to hear the truth? She said yes, I said if I were a brother I don’t think I will come to you because you are always looking serious, always looking as if you just finish a fight, smile. She was shocked but then all of a sudden she smiled and I didn’t even know she was beautiful. Less than a year later she was happily married.”



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