Paris Jackson robbed while trying to be a Good Samaritan in Los Angeles

The daughter of the late pop icon Michael Jackson offered a group of hitchhikers in L.A. a ride across the city but her trying to be nice only hurt her as she was robbed in the process.

Jackson, 19, voiced her outrage on her Instagram story, where she described the encounter that ended with her debit card missing.

The post reads” “So, last night I picked up a couple of hitchhikers and one girl was pretty f–ked up,”

“This b—h f–ing stole my debit card dude,” Jackson said. “I gave you guys a f—ing ride across L.A. and I do my very, very best to be the best Uber driver ever, even though I’m not a part of Uber and you steal my s–t, dude? What the f–k!”

Paris Jackson’s who was attempting to be a Good Samaritan was ill luck as it backfired. She added that she wasn’t trying to brag about being a good person, but rather shine light on how unfortunate the situation ended up being.

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