One doesn’t need date to celebrate Valentine – Johnny Drille

Singer, Johnny Drille, had released a song titled, titled ‘You are just single’, to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it elicited mixed reactions from fans, especially a line that says, ‘Jesus didn’t have a val’.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Drille maintained that one did not need to have a date for Valentine’s Day to feel loved. He said, “I am a Christian and if there is a role model we (Christians) should follow, it is Jesus Christ. Jesus did not have a ‘Val’ so why should anybody feel sad simply because they don’t have one. Truly, love is good, but you don’t need to have a Valentine’s date to feel loved. Jesus loves you.”

On inspiration behind the song. He added, “It was a fun song to make. It was just me having fun and trying to let people know it is okay to be single. There is no stigma in not celebrating Valentine’s Day for whatever reason. I did not think it would go viral but I guess there were a lot of people who could relate with it. It feels good actually. I hope in lonely moments, someone will hear it, have a laugh and realise that they are still worthy of love, even if they don’t get gifts on Valentine’s Day.”

Drille also argued that love should not only be celebrated on Valentine’s Day. He said, “One must show the people one loves that one loves them as often as possible. As a matter of fact, my debut album, ‘Before We Fall Asleep’ was meant to let people know how important it is to show love to people around them when one still has the chance. Tomorrow is not promised. Another Valentine’s Day is not promised. What we have is now and we should celebrate love every day.”


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