Nigeria’s problem is from the top but the solution is from the bottom –Banky W

Nigerian singer, actor cum politician Bankole Wellington, aka Banky W, says the problem with Nigeria is from the top.

He said, “One of my favourite things now is when people discuss action, because we have talked a lot . I cannot tell you how many seminars and nation building events I have spoken at. We need to ask ourselves the concrete action steps we need to take? The problem in Nigeria is from the top-down but the solution is from the bottom.”

He added, “Your representative in your local constituency probably won that seat with between 10 and 30,000 votes. Meanwhile, there are enough of you there; you just need to gather those numbers together. Make a commitment to yourself that if you didn’t vote the last time, you would register and vote in the next elections.”

He however urged Nigerians to be involved in acts of community service, rather than being focused on their personal success only. “The greatness that you are seeking to achieve is more than what you get; it is also about what you give. Find somewhere— a community— to give to. Do something that is greater than your own personal pursuit of success. Chase for success, chase for wealth, chase for relevance and all of that, but do something that is bigger than you. What do I mean? At my church and at the Banky Wellington Foundation, we have made a commitment that every last Saturday of the month, we would engage in community service. Even If it is as small as 20 or 30 people that get together, we would pick thrash on our streets.”

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