Nigerian Muslim man steals attention online with his love poem to his wife

A Nigerian Muslim man, Abdul Malik has melt hearts with the love note he wrote on his wife, Rhaihan Jannah on his Twitter page.

He wrote;


“I legit look at my wife and randomly get struck anew by her beauty. There’s no see-finish And it is in the little things: Head bowed, & then she looks up. Her lips as they break into a smile. The way her eyes are expressive, even with a straight face. Omo, my wife fine pieces!”

“I just talked about my wife’s beauty, but that’s not all that gingers me. My wife is intelligent in every sense. Academically, socially, and emotionally. She has a mind like a steel trap, and she’s solution-oriented. It always leaves me in a state of awe to see her tackle issues”

“My wife is versatile. I genuinely believe that there is nothing impossible for her to succeed at, especially when she’s interested. Sometimes, I throw topics way outside her field, just to see what her input will be, and I have never been disappointed”

“My wife is reliable, almost to a degree where I complain about it. Friends and colleagues can attest to her dedication. Competence is so important to her, that it defines her. Excellence too. I love it so much”

“I love how spiritual she is. She is a way better Muslim than I am, and I have learned so much from her. She teaches by example, with patience, kindness and love. It encourages me to grow spiritually, without fear of embarrassment, as she is right beside me, not away from me”

“Best of all, my favourite thing about her is her attitude towards life. One word. “ENJOYMENT” My wallet is weeping as I type this, but I honestly would have it no other way. Just don’t tell her I said so.”


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