Nigerian man finds doctor who saved his life at LUTH after he shared the story on Twitter

A former bank director, Tochukwu Ezeukwu has taken to his Twitter page to serve update that he has reconnected with a House Officer, who saved his life at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in 2017.

Mr Ezeukwu found Dr. Sammy Amaechina after posting about his near-death experience on Twitter saying Dr Amaechina, then a House Officer, revived him and broke protocol to get blood for his transfusion.

He had tweeted: “A House Officer saved my life in LUTH on the 10th of November 2017. He stood by me while everyone else afraid of blood stood aloof. Revived me when I passed out, broke protocol to get me blood and transfused me. His name is Dr. Amaechina. Where ever you are, thank you, again.”

However, Dr. Amaechina (@birds_errand) promptly replied and also mentioned a nurse who contributed in saving Ezeukwu’s life.

Serving an update, he said:

“Heyya, I ‘m glad to have been there for you. There was an amazing nurse in the picture, I think his first name is Christian/Christopher. great guy.”

“Hello Doc. Thank you for your diligence and selflessness that night. Thank you. God bless nurse Christopher wherever he is, I remember him.”

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