Nigerian man call out Ghanaian Govt for closing his shop and asking him to pay $1 Million (Video)

A Nigerian man was potted in a viral video accusing the Ghanaian Authorities of shutting down his Business and asking him to Pay $1 Million before he can do Business in Ghana.

The unidentified Heartbroken Nigerian man is seen lamenting saying;

“Since 2007 I registered my Business, I paid my Taxes, I have my Resident Permit, they don’t want to listen to us, they are all over the places locking shops. The whole world should see it, they are not asking for certificate”

The man seen in the video pleadinh with Nigerian Government to come to their aid. He said;

“They want me to provide $1 Million USD, I can’t provide $1 Million USD. This is the Government Task force agencies, they are all over the places, it is wrong, The Nigerian Government should do something, the whole world should see it, this is evil. Nigerians Live Matters here in Ghana.

Video below:

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