Nigerian lady shares chat with a struggling ‘entitled’ Pastor she gifted money

A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to share screenshot of message she got from a struggling ‘entitled’ Pastor she gifted money.

Lolo Nneka recalled how the Pastor once asked her to buy him a car because “his kids cry when they see other people’s cars”.

She wrote;

There is this struggling pastor on my street that lives from hand to mouth.

He has a wife and two kids, I help him from time to time out of my magnanimity not because I am under any obligation to help him or I am relying on him for prayers.


I was born and bred in the Catholic Faith, Even though I have not been attending church for sometime, if I resume church today it will still be Catholic.


I don’t do pastors, TBH I hardly rate them. I just decided to assist this one occasionally because his suffering is glaring. He comes to me with all kinds of visions and conspiracy theories but I wave him off because I simply do not believe in those things.


Some days ago, I went to his house, he lives inside the church with his family, I wished them a Merry Christmas, he started asking me to buy him a car, and that his kids are always crying when they see other people’s cars, so he sized me up and concluded I can buy him a car lol. He said the holy spirit asked him to make that request from me.


I quietly did the transfer of 20k I had in mind for give him, told him and his wife I was leaving. The wife escorted me home with her kids, I had nothing to offer them so I gave the kids my mint 200 naira notes that was up to 5k, the wife thanked me and left.


Two days later a friend asked me if I know of anyone that needs help, I told him I know of a struggling pastor. He told me to send him the pastor’s account details, I did it immediately and he credited the pastor another 20k. The pastor called to thank me and even sent a text


Yesterday afternoon I was sitting alone and minding my business when I got a text from him asking me to buy his wife a phone.


Have you ever seen a person as greedy and entitled as this? Said the spirit asked him to tell me to buy his wife a phone.


Can you beat this?

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