Nigerian Lady reveals how she performed a miracle at a supermarket

A lady, Koromone has revealed how she performed a miracle on a man suffering from knee pain who she met in a supermarket in Lagos.

She recounts;

So, I’m at Ebeano with two of my class members when I feel a sharp pain in my right knee. I turn & tell the girls that God wants to heal someone with a knee injury. I ask some shoppers around me if they have any pain in their knees and they say ‘no’. We hit a dead end.

But the pain in my knee persists so I’m not discouraged. Then, when I’m paying for my items, one of the girl’s taps me and points at a guy on the other side– he’s wearing a brace on his right knee. COULD THIS BE OUR GUY?

We make a silent agreement to talk him when he gets outside so we don’t hold up the queue. As he’s paying for his items, he turns around and I realise he’s someone I know! I immediately point at his knee and say, ‘Do you have a pain in your right knee?’ He says, ‘yes.’

Me and the girls are so excited! I tell him, ‘God wants to heal your right knee.’ He laughs and says, ‘sounds like you guys are on a Treasure Hunt’  We take him outside and I ask him a few questions about the injury, when it happened & his pain levels

With the rest of the team members around me, I place my hand on his knee and command the pain to go. Then I ask him to do some squats (he said he feels a lot of pain when he tries to squat). He confirms the sharp pain is gone but he still feels some pain

I pray again and ask him to try again. This time, the pain is completely gone and he’s hopping around and shaking his leg. He says, ‘A few people have told me about their Treasure Hunt experiences but I’ve always been skeptical. So this thing is real?!’ Very real!

Young lady suffers serious injuries after her friend used blade to disfigure her face over allegations she snatched her boyfriend (photos)

A young lady simply identified as Ayishat, bled to death on Valentine’s day after she was attacked by some ladies who accused her of snatching the boyfriend of one of them identified as Isiwat.

The girls, all under 18, have been friends for years and on Valentine’s day, Isiwat and her friends y bought a pack of razor blades and used it on Ayishat, leaving her with deep cuts that showed her teeth.

She was rushed to the White House hospital at Boundary road Ajegunle where she was confirmed dead.

It was learnt that the police in Ajegunle have arrested the suspects while Isiwat is said to be on the run, but her mother has since been arrested.

Isiwat however took to Facebook to claim she was also injured as she shared a photo of her face covered with plasters while telling her followers to pray for her ”quick recover”. 

See graphic photos of Ayishat after she was disfigured below

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