Nigerian lady kneels to accept her boyfriend’s marriage proposal

A Bayelsa State man, Comrade Ineintiemo Michael Suotongha proposed to his girlfriend, Inatimi Joy and she knelt down to accept his ring in Yenagoa, on 22 January, 2022.


The young woman is being hailed for her ‘humility, loyalty and respect’ for her husband-to-be.


Sunny Oduru and Gborienemi Mark Charles, said the lady told her man that it’s an abomination for him to kneel down before her to propose.


“She said to her husband to be, ‘Plz don’t kneel for me.. It is against our culture for a man to kneel for a lady. Western education and civilization will not change the fact that you are the man of the house'” Gborienemi wrote.


“Congratulations Comr. Suotongha Michael Ineintiemo on your formal engagement to your beautiful heart-throb Miss Inatimi Joy. Road to February 12th is loading.” he added.

“Suotongha Michael Ineintiemo His beautiful new tear rubber package said “YES” She even knelt down for him,a sign of loyalty and respect, this kind of marriage God himself will be present to do the joining!!!!!! But let me still ask,were only ona dey see this kind women from? Make ona give us the secret na…if not we no go marry o” another friend wrote.

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