Nigerian doctor warns against excessive consumption of energy drinks

A Nigerian doctor on Twitter, Dr. George, has warned against excessive intake of energy drinks as he shared a personal experience he had with a mother and her young son who he noticed had very high blood pressure.

He added that the woman told him that the husband brings home energy drinks which her son consumes a lot as he explained that, energy drinks contain caffeine that changes the electrical activities of the heart and blood pressure.

He wrote

”At the hospital some days ago & a boy walks in with his mum. I look at the case note & I see BP 189/94.

I face the mum with the assumption that she must be the one who needs attention.

Me:Ma’am,what brings you to the hospital? Mum:It’s my son that needs attention Me:Whaaaaaatttt?!

I look at the file again. Boy is just leaving his teens, BP 189/94!

A recheck read similar stuff. Mum:He has been having palpitations for over a month. The next question

I ask,HAS HE BEEN CONSUMING ENERGY DRINKS? Mum: Yeaaaa!Daddy buys it alot in the house so he takes alot.

Funny enough,this is the 5th person I have seen with this issue over the last 9 months. Common factor?ENERGY DRINKS! Energy drinks contain CAFFEINE which change the electrical activity of the heart & increase BP

Adulthood is hard as it is. Don’t add BP to it I beg you”

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