Nigerian company mourns dedicated staff who died in car accident on her way to work

A hospitality company are mourning the death of their colleague, Cynthia Aboh who died in a fatal motor accident on her way to work on Sunday morning, December 5.

“We lost our happiness, Cynthia Aboh yesterday morning to a fatal accident that didn’t have to happen as she made her way back to a job she so much loved,” one of the posts reads.

“Young, full of potential, selfless and extremely resourceful, it saddens us to announce to you all that Cynthia Aboh’s chapter in this life ended so abruptly and non deserving to someone who was a giver of value and a blessing to us all.

“The truth is, she didn’t have to die. It wasn’t her time yet this happens every single day to our youth in this God forsaken country of a hell we call Nigeria

“So do we go on like nothing happened. So we move on and say well this is life in Nigeria until the next one and the next and the next. Please be patient with us as we mourn the loss of one of our own so dear to us. Totally irreplaceable. #ripcynthiaaboh #enoughisenough

“You are not forgotten. You live on in all of us. Your character is one we will continue to emulate: You never held any grudge. Always forgiving before you got an apology. You saw life for the living and lived every moment focussed on being happy.

“You gave 110%, ever so selfless and making the company your own. We all knew we could rely on you. Who will we rely on now? My boss, my boss you will say. We have your back you will say. One loyal lieutenant gone, what a deep sense of loss we feel.

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