Nigeria on slide to anarchy – Bishop Sunday Onuoha

The Interfaith Dialogue Peace Forum on Wednesday spoke on the state of the nation and warned that “Nigeria is on the slide to anarchy.” adding that poverty in the North and perceived marginalisation in parts of the South were fueling the insecurity in the country.

The co-chair of IFD, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, said this in Abuja during the 9th annual public lecture organised by the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and Social Development with the theme: ‘Promoting the culture of humanitarianism and volunteering: Imperative for national development.”

The Bishop said, “When we talk about what is happening in the North and the crises going on across the South, they are man-made. The situation in the North East has not been settled, but we are pretending as though we have settled the matter.

“When you go to various communities and see the level of suffering and pain the people are facing, and compare that with the level of affluence in our society and the resources we are wasting in living luxurious lives that are not necessary, you will weep.

“We must be able to reach out to the people and give them a sense of smile. If not, we are building a society where there will be anger from young people who feel marginalised, neglected and left out there with no one caring for them. And so, they are fighting the society.

“This is a time for us to look out for those that have been neglected and care for them or else we will continue to have a society where nobody is safe.”

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