Never lose weight to keep a man – Purfcie Conna tells plus-size women

Popular curvy Ghanaian actress, Purfcie Conna has warned plus-size women not to loose weight hust to please a man.

The big, bold, and curvy Ghanaian influencer slammed men who marry plus-size women and then ask the plus-size women to cut down in size to their taste.

She said, “Men should accept woman as she is ,or leave her alone . don’t marry big beautiful curvy woman and start pressuring her to lose weight ,or marry a melanin queen and pressure her to bleach. love her as she is or leave her as she is. your choice andby the way, if you where perfect,you would have been able to attract the woman of your dreams. you ended up with the womanyou married because you too are imperfect. so stop demanding perfection from her.


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