There are few men more influential in the music industry than Birdman. While he has been clowned many times in the past, his track record is inarguable. Stunna is behind the rise of so many of today’s icons and the legends of tomorrow. In the future, we will surely be looking at people like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake in the highest regard. Birdman is behind all of those acts and while he surely can’t take all the credit, he did give people a platform to reach the heights they were destined for. N.O.R.E. respects the hustle that Birdman has put in over the years, showing love to his friend and chopping it up on Instagram.

Noreaga posted a photo with Baby, noting that the two have been friends for over two decades. However, he thought that it was the perfect time to actually hear the rapper’s full story, speaking with him at length about all that he’s accomplished. “I felt it was finally time to hear his story,” wrote N.O.R.E. “I asked him everything from Ross, to Wayne to Nicki to drake to blue face and the man looked at me in the face and answered every question. I wanna thank the fans for being patient and I wanna thank baby for being a man of his word wit me !!! 20 years strong!!!”

Finally, Birdman has gotten some respeck put on his name. He’s one of the greatest of all time, clearly still carrying a lot of pull in the right circles. Just look at Blueface’s recent rise. That’s all the evidence you need.