Mystery! Baby born with three penises in Iraq

A baby in Iraq has been birthed with three penises, the condition which is quite rare is called triphallia, doctors claim.

NEWCASTARS.COM learnt that the unidentified boy was three months old when it was discovered he had three penises, as reported by MailOnline which claims that it’s not clear why it hadn’t been discovered at his birth.

His parents, who hail from Duhok city, had brought him into hospital because he had swelling in his scrotum and “two skin projections” but to the doctors’ shock, they discovered these protrusions were penises, 2cm and 1cm in length.

They did not perform like functioning organs  neither had a urethra to wee from and it is unclear from the report if they were connected to the reproductive system but only one of the extra penises had a head.

Doctors diagnosed supernumerary penises – an extremely rare condition first seen in 1609, in which a baby is born with more than one penis.

The condition affects one in every five to six million births and is never the same from one case to another, the report said.

Previously doctors in India claimed they had treated a two-year-old boy born with three penises and no anus, but it appears the story was never written up in a medical journal.


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