Mystery as unknown person drops cash on doorsteps of Spanish villagers

NEWSCASTARS.COM have gathered that a mysterious being is said to be dropping cash in postboxes at the doorsteps of some Spanish villagers in the Northern part of the country.

Since Wednesday last week, about 15 people in Villarramiel, northern Spain, have received envelopes containing up to 100 euros in notes, Mayor Nuria Simon told AFP.

Locals are trying to work out why a group of apparently unconnected people in a village of just over 800 residents have been singled out for the gifts.

However,  some Spanish news reports have labelled him the “Robin Hood of Villarramiel”.

“We’re all bewildered and expectant as we don’t know where this money comes from or who the benefactor is,” “We don’t know what the intention is.” said Simon.

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