My wife has been scared since a man sexualised my four-year-old son – Daddy Freeze

Controversial Media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, well known as Daddy Freeze, says he is not behind the arrest of a man simply identified as @dannyyung01, who made lewd comments about his four-year-old son on Instagram.

The FreeTheSheeple Movement convener said the suspected pedophile got into more trouble with the security outfit he worked with because he was found in offices he had no business being in.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Freeze said, “The pedophile case was not a joke at all and he (Dannyyung01) didn’t say that it was one. There are some things that you cannot consider as a joke. We are no longer in the Jurassic era where we are hitting ourselves with clubs and the like. You can’t just say things like that in this age about a four-year-old child.

“As long as you’re working with a reputable organisation, no one will want to identify or condone a staff member that makes such comments publicly. A lot of people said that I went too far by ordering his arrest but I wasn’t instrumental to his arrest. It was the security agency he works with that arrested him for a breach. He was in offices that he was not supposed to be. I don’t know the details of that but I trust the security agency to deal with the situation accordingly.

“From the moment I posted his comments on social media, I was called for a meeting from the security agency and they apologised. They made sure that the matter was properly dealt with because till today, my wife has been scared and is nursing some strange feelings. It’s something we need to be very careful about because a lot of paedophiles have got away with these crimes in this part of the world.”

On his exit from Cool FM after 20 years, he said, “It was a very hard decision to make but I need a lot more time on my hands and I also need to diversify.  However, my Sunday shows would still be aired because I’m not entirely leaving the Cool FM family. I just want to give what I do on social media a voice. I’m basically taking a bow from urban radio.”

He added, “To say that Marlians don’t graduate is just a fad but those that are going to be fooled will be fooled. Naira Marley is also educated, so if you’re following him, do that from afar because he’s not a fool.”

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