My selling points has brought me this far– Actress, Aramide Ottun

Yoruba actress, Aramide Damilola Ottun wile speaking in a recent interview with Potpourri spoke on issues regarding her sojourn in life and the movie industry in particular.

The Public Administration graduate of the University of Lagos admitted that she has suffered heartbreak before and she was all philosophic about it.

“It’s like saying or asking you why humans drink water. Show me a man or woman that’s not got his or her heart broken before. We all have been to the island of heartbreak, while some still live there, others have left. For me, I went on a visit, though the journey wasn’t fine. But thank God I am here today stronger and much more beautiful on the inside than outside,” she said.

Aramide admitted that acting has been paying her bills, citing her selling point as the game-changer for her.

“It entails a lot of hard work, determination, being focused and stability. One can become an A’ list for producers, content creators, companies looking for brand ambassadors to push out their brands and of course, in some cases marketers might demand your appearance based on fans requests and you know what that means – more money. With that I am sure bills get paid.

“My dedication, passion and determination. Understanding scripts, interpreting it so well and respecting people are my selling points and so far it has brought me this far. They will tell you “Aramide Ottun is dedicated, loyal, respectful, gives you 100% attention on set and yes, she interprets her scripts so well,” she added.


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