My mother’s prayers has kept me going –Diane Russet

Diane Yashim better known as Diane Russet came to limelight after she participated in the Big Brother Naija reality show and has continue to maintain her fame ever since.

The actress who recently turned 24 caused quite a stir online during her private birthday bash as a co-reality star, Elozonam gave her lap dance which sparks dating rumors.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Russet She said, “I am friends with all the housemates; together, we are a ‘vibe’. We act like brothers and sisters and care for one another. I personally have a genuine love for all the ex- housemates. All that happened at my birthday bash was just us having fun as we had always done while in the house.”

 “I found a sister I never had in Mercy Eke. Initially, I didn’t think I would be close to her but I can’t help loving her; she’s really a nice person. She pushes and inspires me to do things that I didn’t know I could do.

“Outside the reality show is when you can really know and test true friendship because cameras are not watching anyone but she has still been there for me and that, for me, is beautiful.”

Diane also spoke on her trying times after the death of her father. She said, “My mother’s prayers have been working for me. I didn’t know that the love I’m getting was going to be so overwhelming and I’m surprised about everything.

“I remember crying more than I prayed. I remember questioning God and for a couple of years, I hated God if that makes any sense. It was difficult for me to get back to where I was with God because I struggled to pray. You know, I lost my dad.  School wasn’t going fine and I had a lot of setbacks. But looking at things now, I feel that I had to have gone through that phase to be where I am today. That’s why I appreciate things now and I won’t trade my journey so far for anything now.

“My mum has been really supportive because she believes in me. She understands why I’m passionate about my career and has never complained that I’m overdoing things. It’s been all positive vibes from her and even people in the northern part of the country (where I come from) have been very supportive, to my surprise.”

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