My mother saw acting as a wayward career — Ben Touitou

Nollywood Actor and model, Benjamin Touitou, shares his experience in the movie industry as he explained that his mother never wanted him to be an actor.

Read exact from the interview below:

How would you describe your experience in the Nigerian film industry?

My experience as an actor in Nollywood has been incremental. I have been gathering a lot of knowledge and experience about how the industry works. The acting business has various areas and branches– the arts, science and business. It’s very important to not only get the skills and knowledge right but to also know how to position one’s self as a bankable product. I don’t see myself as just an artiste; I see myself as a business. My experience has been very eye-opening. As an introvert, being an actor has enabled me to come out of my shell more. It has also challenged me. I’m blessed and I’m grateful to God. I have worked with some great actors and filmmakers. I’ve learnt from the veterans I’ve worked with that focus and humility are the keys to long-lasting success in the industry.

How did your parents react to your decision to become a full-time actor?

My father had passed on at the time, but my mum wasn’t supportive. She is a very religious woman who saw it as a wayward career path. When she saw the professional level, which is very prim and proper, she tempered down and became more supportive.

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