My life is proof that being a DJ is lucrative – DJ Kaywise

Popular Disc Jockey and music producer, Ayorinde Okiki, aka DJ Kaywise, in a recent interview with MOBOLA SADIQ spoke about his passion for entertainment and other issues.

Exert from the interview as gathered by NEWSCASTARS.COM below:

Why did you choose to become a disc jockey and how did your parents react to your decision?


Many years back, I dreamt that I would be a disc jockey and I was lucky to have got the full support of my mother. In my dreams, I often saw myself performing in front of large crowds. She (mum) has constantly prayed for me and she also supported my career decisions.


On my father’s part; he is a cleric, so he did not want anything that would soil his name. He was initially hesitant but when he realised that DJing was all I wanted to do, he gave me his blessings and now he is proud of me.


Are you satisfied with how far you have come?


I learnt the art of DJing from six people and I also attended an academy. Being a DJ is a lifelong career. I enjoy what I do and I have an academy where aspiring DJs and music producers are trained. The academy has churned out about 600 graduates so far and they are all doing well. I tell them that anything worth doing should be done very well.


What were some of the challenges you faced in the early days of your career?


I don’t see them as challenges per se. Some people belittle the profession but thankfully, I have never given up. There is nothing that can stand as an obstacle for me. No one and nothing would make me stop pursuing my dreams.



What do you think helped you to gain recognition as a DJ?


I am very hard-working. Every day, I strive to add value to my craft. I wake up thinking about ways to improve myself. I constantly set targets with the aim of meeting them. I am relentlessly seeking to carve a niche for myself.


Is disc jockeying a lucrative profession?


My life is evidence to show that it is. This is the only thing I do. It is what puts food on my table and caters for my lifestyle. I have some investments but everything I own is from the proceeds of my disc jockeying job. Being a DJ made me who I am today. Nothing can make me quit being a DJ. I have just started and I’ve not reached my destination.




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