My greatest asset not my body — Actress, Didi Ekanem

Nollywood actress and fashion designer, Didi Ekanem, says as against popular opinion that her body is her greatest asset, she clarified that are greatest asset is her brain.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Ekanem said, “I think (some) people are shallow-minded. Why would my body be my greatest asset? My brain is my greatest asset. Anybody without a brain cannot be successful or run a successful business. If my body was my greatest asset, I would be on the streets, lobbying men for money, and you would agree with me that does not makes sense. My brain is my greatest asset, not my body.

“Also, I have never gone under the knife for cosmetic surgery. I do not have the financial capability to do such procedures. I am not a big girl. Even if I had the money to do cosmetic surgery, I wouldn’t do it. I would rather use the money to expand my business. That will yield more financial gains for me. I’m not the kind of person that likes to deceive my fans or followers, no matter the money that any brand might offer. As a brand influencer, I have had offers from kayamata (sexual enhancers) vendors but I rejected them because I don’t use them. I will never use kayamata on a man because I don’t believe in it.”

The actress also noted that she was not under any pressure to get married, she said;

“I think nobody likes negativity. If something negative is being peddled about me, people around me won’t be happy about the reports. Most importantly, my family will also not enjoy reading negative reports about me. Thankfully, my family do not pressurise me on the issue of marriage. I have an understanding father. I am a Nigerian and at a certain age, my family would want me to start a family. However, I don’t allow society to pressure me about marriage. I know that my marriage will eventually happen in God’s time”.

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