Muslim Association of Nigerian condemns requirements for enlisting into Amotekun

The Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN) have frowned at the inclusion of a birth certificate from a Church in the requirement for enlisting into the Amotekun security outfit.

The Muslim Association of Nigeria in a press release signed by the President and Public Relation Officer, Alhaji J. O Ojikutu and Alhaja Nurat Adebayo respectively at the end of its quarterly National Executive Council meeting held recently, says they are in support of the security initiative of the Southwest, but religion should not be put on the front-line.

The eligibility criteria for recruitment includes among others birth certificate from a Church, LGA or hospital, certificate of identification or letter of recommendation which the association questioned.

“MAN observed that the Amotekun deserves a dispassionate approach devoid of particular religious affiliation so as to avoid the kind of misunderstanding and misinformation that the outfit has attracted to itself even among the people of the South-West.

“The Association believes that religion should be left out of security matters. The Federal Government of Nigeria took the responsibility of birth and death registrations since 1990. The group however commended every step taken to address the issue of security in Nigeria, particularly the initiative of the Governors of the South West of Nigeria on the security outfit -code named “Amotekun”

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