Motorcyclist rapes 13-year-old passenger in Benue

The family of a 13-year-old girl are demanding justice after a motorcyclist, identified only as Ameh, allegedly raped her in his friend’s room in Agbaha, Otukpa community, in the Ogadigbo Local Government Area of Benue State.

NEWSCASTARS.COM gathered from the PUNCH that the incident happened when the minor, whose parents were separated, was returning home after visiting her father in Otukpa and boarded a motorcycle to convey her to her mother’s family house in Odoba when the motorcyclist suddenly changed direction.

The victim’s uncle, Onoja Dickson, said the suspect took his niece to a friend’s place where he allegedly raped her.

He said, “The victim’s parents are separated and their union was blessed with two children, including the girl. On January 1, 2022, she went to her father’s house in Otukpa to visit him for the festive period.

“On her way back, she boarded a motorcycle to our family house in Odoba, but the motorcyclist, Ameh, took another direction instead of the usual route. When my niece asked why he took a different route, he gave an excuse and as a minor, she didn’t say anything.

“The motorcyclist took her to a hotel but she didn’t enter. He even attempted luring her in with a drink, but she didn’t collect the drink and kept saying he should take her home. The motorcyclist later continued the journey. But instead of taking her home, he conveyed her to a friend’s house in Agbaha, Otukpa community, forced her into the room and raped her there.”

Dickson, while demanding justice, said people in the compound feigned ignorance as the motorcyclist dragged her into the house.=

He added, “A relative, who heard her screams inside the room, thought that someone was beating a child. When she rushed into the room, she saw the boy on top of my niece. The relative raised the alarm and she was rescued. But people in the community have been scared of seeking justice because the area Ameh comes from is notorious for cultism and violence.

“When I heard about the case, I called her father and he told me it was not a serious case. But when I threatened to involve the police, her father called a vigilante who arrested the boy. We have invited the police from Otukpa divisional headquarters to pick the boy from the vigilante.

“All we want is justice. People from Ameh’s community have been threatening members of my family at home, but I told them they could not do anything to us. The police granted Ameh bail on January 7 and asked him and his family members to return to the station for onward investigation, but they refused.”

The victim’s mother also said she wanted justice.

“I spoke with my daughter and she said she was raped. She was even the one that called to inform me about it and she also wants the case to move on,” she added.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Anene Catherine, said, “I called the division and was told that the case happened some time ago; she started experiencing some health challenges and when they took her to a hospital, the doctors started questioning her and she said the suspect in custody once had carnal knowledge of her.

“The case was not reported directly; people in the neighbourhood tried to settle it outside before it was reported. The suspect in custody would be transferred to the headquarters tomorrow (Monday).”


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