Motola the actor speaks on plan to get married to a billionaire’s son

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Omotola Odunsi, aka Motola the actor, has opened up on the sacrifices she has made for those she loves.

Sharing an experience with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I once sacrificed my business money for love. That is perhaps the craziest thing I have ever done for love. I put the other party ahead of myself. It was crazy for me to have done that. That money was meant for my business and in the long run, I never got it back.”

The member of Odunlade Adekola Film Production, added, “Odunlade Adekola inspires me in a lot of ways. He is indeed a leader and a father figure. I have learnt so much from him. He is very smart and hard working. The mentoring I got from him has opened doors for me. He taught me to be humble and respectful. He always inspires me to do more.”

If she had ever fantasised about getting married to a billionaire’s son, she said, “It has never crossed my mind to get married to a billionaire’s son. I know that though I have not got there yet, I would also be wealthy on my own. I am not the type that can be swept off her feet with money. To have money is good, but I believe in starting small and growing from there. However, if it comes my way, who am I to reject it?”

On Nigerian men being romantic, she said, “To an extent, some Nigerian men are romantic. However, I think the economic situation of the country has affected many of them. For one to be romantic, one needs to have money in order to be emotionally and financially stable. One cannot be romantic without money


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