Most parents in Benin city are aware their daughters are dating Yahoo boys and are are in support of it – Edo lady claims


An Edo lady, Eunice Odigie claims parents are aiding and abetting activities of Yahoo boys in Benin city as they are backing their daughters to date them.

Ms Odigie said this on Tuesday, after a Yahoo boy identified as Osas, allegedly killed his girlfriend, Elohor Oniorosa for suspected ritual purposes in Benin city on Christmas eve.

she wrote on Facebook;

“In Benin city, at least 90% of parents are aware that their daughters are dating Yahoo/ G- boys and they are 100% in support of it.”

In fact, most of the expensive weddings in Benin have young Yahoo boys as the groom…and you see the bride’s parent and siblings smiling “mumushly” when those yahoo boys starts their money spraying display.


If you listen carefully, you may even hear the bride and groom’s father shouting them get money!!!


The era where parents question their child’s source of wealth is long gone!


The era where parents question the source of wealth of their daughters’ suitors has totally faded out.


Parents asking their daughters’ suitors what they do for a living is now for mere formality and not because they are truly interested in how they amassed their wealth.


Sad…but this is our current reality.”



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