Moment Marcus Rashford clashes with teammate Harry Maguire during goalless draw with Crystal Palace (video)

Manchester United stars, Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire clashed on the pitch during their goalless draw with Crystal Palace on Wednesday night, March 3. in the second half as Solskjaer’s side struggled to create chances against Palace.

In the 69th minute, Rashford slammed Maguire after captain criticised him for his failure to stay onside after he was caught offside.

Maguire, who had headed the ball forward, told Rashford to ‘f**ing stay onside’. But after being penalised for being offside, Rashford took a swipe back at Maguire, reportedly saying: ‘Shut the f* up, f**ing nobhead.’

Speaking after United’s draw, Solskjaer told Sky Sports: ‘It’s disappointing. We were just a little bit off. If you’re not spot on you won’t win games. Palace always make it hard for you.

‘In the second half we never got going. ‘Sometimes it’s human nature, sometimes you don’t work at your best. Today we didn’t. It’s been a long season – I’m not blaming that because everyone has the same season. You’re playing against a good team who make you play the way they want to.

‘We kept giving the ball away. There were times in the first half we built some pressure, had sohalf-decentent chances but kept giving it away. Then you don’t build momentum and that’s the game you get.’

Video below:

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