According to Billboard, Michael Jackson’s streaming totals have declined since the airing of Dan Reed’s Leaving Neverland exposé. Of course, the decision to pull MJ from radio rotation doesn’t interfere with his streaming totals. It did, however, affect public perception, although I’d say it’s still hard to gauge what the end goal is here.

Are people looking to better their judgment, their social values, or are they merely looking for a scapegoat that’ll preclude them from doing that work for themselves? Either way, when it comes to people’s daily listening habits, would-be MJ fans seem to be dealing with feelings of ambivalence, and with the curtain drawn, the concerns become public and thus more urgent.

For some reason, R. Kelly’s equally disturbing innuendo didn’t affect his bottom line until much later. Within the span of two weeks, MJ’s album streaming totals fell by 39 percent, that includes the work he did as a child with The Jackson 5. All the data was compiled by Nielsen Music, the leading sales measurement the music industry has to offer.

Michael Jackson’s nephews are continuing the character defense of their uncle against their uncle. The Jackson estate even has a class action lawsuit awaiting trial, with HBO sitting on the accusatory bench. Apparently, HBO agreed to an anti-defamation pact with the family when they signed on to produce a 1992 concert documentary. Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below.