Michael Jackson was surely an eccentric man. During his career, he made memories with plenty of iconic moments. He once famously dangled one of his children on the balcony for fans to see. He also dressed extravagantly and owned one of the craziest houses in the world. And, of course, he owned a pet chimpanzee. If you go back far enough, you’ll remember a time when MJ and his pet Bubbles were inseparable. They would be photographed together on the regular and they cuddled all the time. With the new allegations being made against the King of Pop, people have been taking a more extensive look into his life. Daily Mail managed to catch up with Bubbles, Jackson’s former pet, and learned about what he’s been up to since parting ways with Michael thirty years ago.

Bubbles is still alive and well and at 34-years-old, he’s getting up there in years. The publication notes that with nobody to amuse these days, Bubbles lives a quiet life with other chimpanzees at a center for apes. While that’s all good and well, the most surprising bit of information from the report comes through the news that Bubbles is actually quite a successful artist. While you likely knew that chimpanzees are highly intelligent and talented, it’s still surprising to read that Michael Jackson’s former chimpanzee friend sold five abstract paintings at a Miami art gallery for over $3,000.

Jackson’s estate sends money on a yearly basis to the center where Bubbles lives. The sanctuary’s founder, Patti Ragan, says that Bubbles lives a normal life. “He loves to paint but, more than that, he loves to play with the other chimps. He particularly loves water — he adores playing with the hose or with the sprinklers in summer.”