Men has broken my heart more than 999 times – Actress, Evia Simon

Nollywood actress, Evia Simon has opened up about heart breaks she had suffered in relationships with men.

Speaking in an interview with Vanguard, the actress revealed that her heart has broken as many times as possible.


She said:

My heart has been broken more than 999 times and in fact shattered severally. What I did was to build an unbreakable wall around me not to let my heart be broken again and if you can break the wall and penetrate through, then maybe you are the right person. I have also had my share of bad relationships, I have seen and met 999 wrong guys who think I am made, not knowing I am managing my life, hustling to survive.

On what turns her on in the opposite sex, the actress said:

What turns me on in a man is his generosity. Not just to me but to everyone around him; near or far. What turns me off in a man is laziness and someone who doesn’t care about people but himself alone.

On her embarrassing moments, she said:

My most embarrassing moment is when you are being cast for a role and some other actors come to lobby with money or their body to get the role and you are being pushed out of the job. It is so embarrassing because you might have already announced to your friends you are starting the job.

Another embarrassing experience was when a senior colleague insulted me and said to me I could never grow in the industry. If you ask her what I did wrong she’s got nothing to say. She even threatened to leave the set if I was allowed to remain.

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